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why love is so confusing?

Love is the most fulfilling and desirable feeling in a man’s life. Everyone one to love and be love. Yet, why there are so many debate about love. Love become so confusing , but why?

Love is the most highly over used and misused word in English language. It is applied and attached to any kind of human reaction and experience. Do you really love chocolate, a particular breakfast cereal or model of automobile? We are living in a consumaristic world.


Many Advertisement tell us that we do and our off-handed comments or preferences indicate that we do. But, is that what we really what we want or are the advertisements and cultural clichés we use adding to our confusion about love?
We are living in a society that objectifies on everything that we need to do. We are losing our own self to discover who we really are. Because the media are telling us that appearance are more important: To have a good looks, a handsomely pretty and expensive car, a signature wrist, a designer clothes, purses, bags and shoes.

summer love

That’s what the world want us to be. Though I can’t see any bad in it especially if we are guided good enough by our parents. But we are losing are own objective because we see love as like the object that is in our surrounding. We fail to see and experience the real essence of love. We easily fall in love as if we are walking on the water that there is no end but once we lost everything.

There we don’t have a foundation and the love that we thought we have banished easily because what we felt before was not really love. But a love that we set on our own. Without realizing that love just come in a mysterious way.
I remember the song: Love moves in mysterious way.

There are so many tv series now about complicated relationship. The last TV series I’ve seen was about a young man inlove with a young woman in town whom the girl inlove with another man. Still, At the same time another beautiful young woman, who use to be married to the nephew professes love for the older leading male character and her older brother is in love with the first beautiful young woman.


Complicated? Yes. Confusing?it is all just TV drama and not to be taken seriously. Never-the-less, it adds to the confusion about love. It distorts our point of view and understanding of what love is? On the tv series love is about possession. The plots turn around one character having or possessing another, losing possession and regaining it again.

people become love objects and this model of love and relationships is broadcast to millions, for hundreds of hours every week. Most of us know that what we are seeing isn’t love but none the less we are left confused. We know this isn’t love but what is it?
Love is the most profound and fulfilling experience humans can have. We must protect our heart and our love.

love -at-first sight


Beauty of Nature

In the evening I sit in front of my house and feel the soft gentle breeze caress my face and cool my body. The breeze is simply beautiful and nature gives it free to me. Actually nature gives this free to everyone, but it seems that not everyone is aware of this.

Sometimes the sky is immensely blue. White silvery clouds glide almost imperceptibly against it. The clouds are never the same as they change their shapes continuously. These things are more beauty that I perceive around me.

nature pic by penny Parker

Some days when the sky turns back with thick heavy clouds a distance curtain of falling rain can be seen. It appears as though some unseen hand is pouring water onto the land to nourish it. The sight is beautiful and it makes me feel closer to the beauty of the earth.

After a thunderstorm, the air is crisp and cool. Birds come out and sing out their joy to life. I sing too as I frolic barefoot on the cool wet grass beside my house. The frogs croak joyfully. Even the insects seem to buzz and shriek louder. I am sure they are all singing about how beautiful life is. Indeed it is.

In the night the stars make their appearance. Millions of these twinkling jewels can be seen in the black sky. How wondrous it is to gaze at the glory of the universe. No doubt I am just a tiny part of it, but to be able to take it in through my senses makes it even more wondrous.

the-beauty-of -nature-Amanda-Vouglas
At night the moon often makes its appearance. Sometimes it is round. Other times it is crescent-shaped. Nevertheless its presence adds to the beauty of the backdrop of stars in the far reaches of space. It is amazing that there are such things.

The little garden beside my house is filled with the things of nature. Little bees, butterflies and other insects fly among the flowers in search of food. The flowers themselves are brightly colored with every possible combination of colors and hues. I feast my eyes on the scene of immense activity and again witness the beauty of nature’s innumerable wonders.

The beauty of nature is so simple and undemanding that we often fail to perceive it. Modern man is deluged with artificial things that cut out his awareness of nature. However I make it a point to smell the roses, to touch the morning dew, to listen to the songs of birds and to be aware of the great wonders that nature presents to me. I feel this great beauty within that is in tune with the great beauty without. Life in the forms nature gives to us is beautiful. We just have to be conscious enough to be aware of it.

“it’s always a blessing to realize that you syill have the chance wake up every morning even if you sometimes failed to pray at night.”

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